Your adviser

Do I have a dedicated adviser?
Yes. Each customer of the Charente-Périgord Online Banking has his personal adviser. If he’s away from the office, a dedicated team will take over to answer your questions.

When and how can I speak to my adviser?
Our team of advisers is available 5 days a week. Charente-Périgord Online Banking opening hours are from 9:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday.
Choose how you would like to contact your adviser: By email or by phone.

How to book an appointment?
By telephone or by sending an email to your adviser.
By clicking on the « contact-us » button.
By accessing the section “Book an appointment” of “Ma Banque” mobile app.

How much does it cost?
You pay the charges for phone calls at normal rates.


How do I open a bank account online?
To become a customer of Charente-Périgord Online Banking, click on the « Become a customer », button and complete and submit the online form. Your dedicated adviser will then contact you.
You can also open an Online Account through the section “Become a customer” of “Ma Banque” mobile app.

How do I transfer my account from my local branch to the Online Banking?
You only have to call us or to fill in the form by accessing the section “Become a customer” of this Website.

How do I manage my account changes with regard to standing orders and debit and credit transfers in my current account?
We take care of everything. You only have to sign a mandate which empowers your adviser to manage the change of your banking domiciliation for you.

Does Online Banking provide the same products and services as the local branch?
Yes. As an Online Banking customer, you take advantage of the full range of the Crédit Agricole’s products and solutions.


How to make a cash deposit?
You can make cash deposits at the branches of the Crédit Agricole of Charente-Périgord.

How to make a cheque deposit in my account?
To make cheque deposits, we provide you with pre-paid envelopes and specific paying-in slips.
You can also make a deposit at any branch of the Crédit Agricole of Charente-Périgord.

How to obtain my means of payment i.e. bank card or cheque book?
The Charente-Périgord Online Banking sends your means of payment, bank card and cheque book by regular mail.

What is the Online Banking’s mailing address?
The Charente-Périgord Online Banking is located at Soyaux. Here is the mailing address:
30 rue d’Epagnac, CS 72424, 16024 Angoulême Cedex – France


Contact-us by email or by phone to ask us your question.